This full course bundle includes the following courses:

Maintain Vendors

  • Create, edit and maintain vendor records
  • Set up 1099 related information and add 1099 adjustments
  • Best Practice tips for maintaining an organized, clean and up to date vendor list


  • Create Invoice Sessions, Documents and Transactions
  • Incorporate and verify 1099 related fields
  • Use numerous Document level icons to increase efficiency

Select Invoices for Payment

  • Use filters to easily and efficiently find and select invoices to pay
  • Incorporate filter tips to narrow your selected invoices
  • Take advantage of the option to partially pay invoices

Pay Selected Invoices

  • Select the appropriate Invoices Selected for Payment Session
  • Understand the significance of payment Session fields for completion
  • Navigate the dialogue boxes related to check printing

Enter Manual Checks

  • Create Manual Check Sessions, Documents and Transactions
  • Incorporate and verify 1099 related fields
  • Apply manual checks to existing posted AP Invoices

Enter Credits

  • Create Credit Session, Documents and Transactions to be applied to a specific invoice or on account


  • Generate vendor lists and 1099 adjustment information
  • Produce a Detailed and Summary AP Ledger to assist you in reconciling AP balances
  • Monitor AP Aging using a time factor
  • Create an Invoice Selected for Payment report to assist with approvals
  • Use the Vendor Activity report to monitor vendor activity or share with vendors

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