The full course bundle includes the following courses:

Budget Setup

  • Create multiple budget versions and assign a primary budget
  • Establish appropriate budget controls to use during posting
  • Assign a Critical Segment for budget controls

Budget Worksheet Creation

  • Use the Budget Wizard to create a New Budget Worksheet with or without comparative columns
  • Assign budget amounts based upon prior actual or budget amounts or create a zero dollar budget
  • Modify individual budget amounts or use a variety of features to impact multiple amounts
  • Create Totals and Sub-totals, Descriptions and Memo lines
  • Use the budget icons to Copy, Attach supporting documents, print or export your worksheet to Excel

Budget Adjustments

  • Determine the prerequisite knowledge needed to accurately adjust your existing budget
  • Enter Budget Transactions in a Session/Document style, or
  • Use the Budget Wizard to create a Revisions Budget Worksheet

Budget Reporting

  • Review Budget to Actuals in Detail or Summary
  • Compare the current year budget to actuals including variances and budget amounts remaining
  • Determine the purpose for each budget related report
  • Know the impact when changes are made to dates and optional checkboxes

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